Cybersquatting & Domain Dispute Attorneys / Lawyers: McAfee Report - State Of Typosquatting 2007

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Too bad the states have not tried to pass more stringent domain name dispute laws.

Yes, typosquatting has become rampant. And there is little doubt that typosquatters specifically target known trademarks. Their goal is specifically to divert traffic from other well known web sites and domains. It is typically easy to show bad faith domain registration. They discovered that many internet users use direct navigation to find web sites. That is, they enter a domain or brand directly into the address bar of the browser. When they get it wrong or enter a typographical error, they land on these infringing web sites. It is surprising how many web surfers use direct navigation and enter typographical errors into the browser adsress bar.

So, this is what it's called- typosquatting! Interesting, I came across one site doing this when I made a typo of the url of one of the most famous blogs on IM. They sure got tons of traffic doing these without even raising a finger!

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