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The new DNS software uses redundant .COM registrtions via TWO different registrars to help protect the .COM owner from having their name stolen. There is also a THIRD .COM registry that is based in the actual equipment that the .COM owner has at their office or home.

The format for the second .COM registration is the * construct.

.COM owners may want to make sure they have BOTH registrations and have TWO **ethical** Registrars to help protect their names. Some Registrars are more interested in moving .COM names around between their "Resellers" who then demand extortion fees to give them back.

BTW...That same * construct is used to automatically add new TLDs to the name-space without a human board of net nannys and nutty professors managing the net.

You are by far one of the most clueless individuals speaking on domains I have ever heard of Eric Goldman. I would remove my child from your University in a second after reading the most obnoxious, error filled diatribe on domains ever written. You should try getting a clue. Looks like an intelligent person "Frank Schilling" absolutely obliterated your non sense. I feel for anyone who ever had you for a teacher.

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