Cybersquatting & Domain Dispute Attorneys / Lawyers: Enom Stealing Domain Names from Registrants?

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Enom is a registrar and its a domain squatter.

Enom warehouses domain names that were once owned by its customers. They re-sell them for thousands of dollars on its website called

Yes they take any domain, not only which is including enom characters.
For example my domain name is taken by them and I can't get it back.


Selim Ozkan

ENOM has hosted a web site that was registered by Digital Internet Group from London, Ontario, Canada that is an example of cyber-squating.

My name has been used without my permission. I am pursuing legal action against the company here in Canada who has refused to tell me who the individual was who actually registered this web site.

ENOM who hosts the web site has refused to respond to my e-mails when I protested the use of my name. I'd like to share anyone's experience in dealing with ENOM in matters of cyber-squatting.

Also, anyone who has had dealings with Digital Internet Group (DIG) in London, Ontario, please let me know.


On or about 2007-01-21, the following occurred,Enom Failed to renew a domain due to a technical issue at enom inc. I advised their registry partner that the error had occurred and registration could not be effectedI requested assistance in the matter, however, no response was forthcomming for a period of weeks once contact was made,i advised renewal for domain had been effected with an alternate registrar adams names, who was able to complete the registration without incident. Registry domains advised enom Inc. Enom Inc. still had listed as expired on their system,and the domain had been set to “NON Auto Renew” thus had No authority to charge my pre paid visa card for this domain. Approx 2 months later, Enom Inc. without authority created a false charge for the domain name on my Pre Paid BOPO australia Visa card in March 2007 Bopo pre-paid visa Cards – Australia, identified the charge as unauthorised and charged back on enom Inc.and charged Enom inc a fee for the unauthorised charge Enom inc. then dennied access to my domains stating grounds of charge back unless i pay the fee visa charged them for the fraud and also for the domain even though they are not entitled nor the registrar. Enom inc. have dennied access to the 63 domains i own and refuse to unlock and provide transfer codes so i may transfer to alternate registrar, in order renew and manage my domains. Mike elasmo 0433518438
Additional information

Agreed. Enom is taking it's role beyond reason. I've had one domain name expired. Now, it's locked and unavailable. I've moving all domains away from enom as fast as I can. Here's what enom has to say (in reverse order):

Response (Mike) 06/02/2007 04:30 PM

Unfortunately, I have no further information on this domain for you. All I can say is that the domain is currently not for sale. I do not know when or even if that status will change.

Customer (Jeff Beard) 06/02/2007 11:49 AM
This was my domain. How can I find out why you cannot release it?

Response (Mike) 06/02/2007 09:03 AM

Thank you for your inquiry about this domain. Unfortunately, the domain is currently in a status where it is not for sale or available for registration. We do not know what the plans are for this domain, only that it can not be sold or registered.

The only exception is if there is a trademark on the domain name, in which case you will want to send a copy of the government issued trademark documentation along with the domain name in question to They will be able to provide you with the options available to trademark holders with exclussive rights to the name.

Hopefully you can find an alternate domain name that will suit your needs at this time. You might be able to change the spelling, or add "site" to the end for example. Sometimes a different extension like .net, .biz or .info might also be a good fit. If you'd like to search for different options, please visit:

Customer (Jeff Beard) 06/02/2007 08:52 AM
Why is this domain still locked and not released back to the registry?!


The domain expired on 9/18/2006. We were unavailable to renew this domain and then see we could get it back for $160!! That's extortion - and rightly so since you've been holding this domain out of the public registry coming on 9 months.

Does ENOM EVER plan on releasing this hostage?

not only is eNom stealing domains with the characters "e-n-o-m," they are also stealing any domain they want! our domain was due for renew and when we went to re-register it we found our account was deleted and we now have no way of renewing it. We have put a "back order" through godaddy for it but last week eNom renewed the domain using our registration info! our name and address are still on the whois but we have no control over the domain as they have since changed the nameservers to there own.. if your site is registerd with eNom, beware!

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