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Traverse Legal: Attorneys and Advisors - Global Representation of Business InterestsOur attorneys have represented, handled matters and litigated cases against companies located across the globe
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The Traverse Legal Mission: When it comes to legal services, you can't afford to make a wrong decision. Before you select a law firm to represent your interest, we encourage you to speak with us. We are committed to a level of excellence which you may not easily find in other law firms or lawyers. Our firm was founded on the principle that the law is a 'profession' governed by ethical standards and obligations beyond the bottom line. Our level of achievement, experience and technology are all dedicated to meeting your legal goals and solving your legal problems.

Whether you are an individual or a company in need of legal services, our innovative 'value billing' approach and service guarantee are designed to ensure that you receive the cost-effective, smart legal advice which you deserve. Each and every day, we are changing the way law is practiced.

We will change the way you value legal services.

Traverse Legal, PLC
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Located at The Villages Grand Traverse Commons

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Traverse Legal, PLC | 810 Cottageview Dr., G20, Traverse City, MI, 49684
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