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What is Internet Defamation, Slander & Libel? Posting blogs, web sites, comments and reviews is easy. Understanding how to have defamatory content removed from the Internet is much harder. Defamation, libel, slander and false light invasion of privacy on-line present challenges which never existed before the world wide web made posting false information easy and the spread of false statements of fact viral. Internet defamation of character requires a lawyer who understands both libel and slander law as well as how web site hosts, search engines and review sites handle defamation complaints under law and their Terms of Service (TOS). Review the articles on this page and use the search box to find even more information for defamation victims and those accused of defamation, web slander or internet libel. Or visit our "what is internet defamation" page to learn more."
June 07, 2012

What is Defamation Per Se?

The first is libel. Libel means that the defamatory statement was made in printed form. The second kind is what's known as slander. Slander means that the defamatory statement was spoken. Regardless of whether it's libel or slander, it could be what's known as defamation per se.

While defamation depends upon what particular state law says about what qualifies as defamation per se, typically they involve a few different categories. The first that would qualify for defamation per se is when someone makes a false statement accusing another of a serious crime. The next category is when they make a false statement intending to injure a person in his or her profession.

The third category is when they make a false statement suggesting that a person has a loathsome disease. Now, loathsome is a term of art in the area of law that goes back many, many years, but in today's day and age it means something that we would equate to AIDS, for example, HIV or some other kind of disease that people would not want to encounter.



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October 28, 2011

Can I Sue for Character Defamation on the Internet?

Welcome to Defamation Law Radio.  My name is Enrico Schaefer, and today we’re going to discuss online defamation, internet libel and host of other issues related to defamation, libel and slander. 

We have recently discussed at length the issue of “should I sue for defamation of character?” but there’s an even more threshold issue that you need to consider.  And that is, can I sue for internet defamation of character?  Before you step into court, you need to assess your matter in detail.  These are always fact-specific issues, and the last thing you want to do is spend attorney’s fees pursuing a case that was never a case.  Before you take a litigation case to trial, whether it’s defamation or otherwise, you need to start with a strategy document. 

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January 25, 2010

Internet Defamation Attorney | What is Defamation & How to Protect Yourself

Online defamation is a false and unprivileged statement of fact that harms someone’s reputation. It is a false statement of fact which is published with malice or negligence, reckless disregard of the truth. An experienced internet defamation attorney, Enrico Schaefer discusses what online defamation is, and what to do if it is happening to you.


 Announcer: Welcome to Defamation Law Radio. Internet Defamation is as easy to perpetuate as a blog post or forum comment. Your online reputation is measured by the websites returned as Google search results. Do you know what people are saying and writing about you? This program is brought to you by Traverse Defamation Law, Internet Lawyers with frontline experience handling Internet Defamation cases for clients like you. Contact Traverse Legal today and find out how to protect your online reputation.

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January 08, 2010

Internet Defamation Law | The Growing Problem of Online Defamation

Today’s program is brought to you by Traverse Legal, a law firm specializing in Internet law, domain disputes, and technology company representation.   Welcome to Intenet Defamation Law Radio.  Now here’s your host, Attorney Enrico Schaefer. 

Today we’re talking about online defamation, slander, and libel on the Internet.  It’s a big problem.  There are a lot of web sites and a lot of blogging tools and a lot of forums and a lot of comment sections and any number of different ways to host a web site or use someone else’s platform to host your particular content. 

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July 23, 2009

Online Libel Law | Defamation Attorneys Help You Understand Your Rights

Our attorneys handle a large number of internet defamation matters, representing both plaintiffs who are suing for defamation and defendants alleged to have defamed plaintiff.  Online defamation and libel law is highly specialized because of First Amendment issues and DMCA defenses.

The Michigan Defamation Law is codified and set forth below:

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July 07, 2009

Defending Internet Defamation Claims: The Media Bloggers Association

Mediabloggers-fixed_logoIf you are a victim of intneret defamation, the very first question that pops into your mind is "aren't my comments protected by the first amendment?" Understanding your legal defenses to a claim of internet defamation is critical.  A web slander and libel lawyer can help you understand which legal defense might apply to your situation.  The Media Bloggers Association will somtimes participate in the defense of a claim of internet defamation when it violates someone's first amendment right to free speech or otherwise has a chilling effect on free speech or internet participation. 

To support the MBA, please check out their website or join here. For more information about how Traverse Legal attorneys can help in internet defamation cases, check out this web site.  Interview with Robert Cox, President of Media Bloggers Association.


ANNOUNCER: Today’s program is brought to you by Traverse Legal. A law firm specializing in internet law, domain disputes, and technology company representation. That’s Traverse Legal Welcome to the Vertio Talk Radio tech spotlight with your host Damien Allen.

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