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ANTI-SLAPP Primer: Internet defamation, web defamation, libel, slander and false light invasion of privacy are presenting challenging practical and legal issues for victims, the accused and defamation lawyers alike. anti-SLAPP laws can require plaintiff's to pay defendant's attorneys fees if their claim is not valid. A SLAPP lawsuit (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) is filed against a person or organization for the improper purpose of stifling the First Amendment right to petition the government or speak out (aka free speech). Defamation of character claims and anti-SLAPP consequences need to be taken seriously. Find articles and resources about how anti-SLAPP laws are affecting claims based on defamation occurring on the internet. Review the articles on this page and use the search box to find even more information for defamation victims and those accused of defamation, web slander or internet libel. Or visit our "what is internet defamation" page to learn more."
March 29, 2010

Federal Proposal for Unifying Anti-Slapp Laws

The Citizen Participation Act of 2009 introduces a law that’s designed to end intimidation and harassment lawsuits at a very early stage by those who have brought it in effort to quell public discourse by intimidation through lawsuits at the Federal level for the very first time.

  • Proposed Federal law would essentially be the law of the land that could be utilized in all 50 states to prevent these intimidation lawsuits from occurring.
  • Strategic lawsuits against public participation frustrates free speech
  • Only half the states have enacted anti-SLAPP laws and this federal law would essentially put in place an anti-SLAPP law that would be the law of the land that could be utilized in all 50 states.

Attorney Mark Clark discusses the new Federal proposal on today's program.

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Damien Allen: Good morning and welcome to Traverse Legal Radio. My name is Damien Allen and joining me today on the phone is Attorney Mark Clark of Traverse Legal, PLC. Good morning, Mark. Welcome to the program.
Mark Clark: Good morning, Damien. 
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