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April 06, 2011

Privacy Policy Attorney | FTC & Google Set to Settle Privacy Policy Claims

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed its FTC Complaint against Google for its launch of Google Buzz, a social networking tool that links users with other Google users.  The Complaint focused on Google's failure to exclude users who had declined enrollment with Google Buzz, failure to inform Google Buzz users about various features of the tool, and failure to remove those who longer wished to be enrolled.  Such failures violated both Google's own online privacy policy as well as the FTC's mandate against deceptive trade practices.  

In addition, for the first time, the FTC alleged that Google's practices violated the US-EU Safe Harbor Framework.  

The US-EU Safe Harbor Framework generally requires the following for Safe Harbor Self-Certification:

  1. An explanation as to how personal information is collected, shared, disclosed, used, and protected
  2. User choice to opt-in or opt-out of communications and services
  3. Limiting account access to the user

The FTC and Google appear to have agreed to a settlement.  Of utmost importance is the affirmative duty on Google to disclose certain information prior to acting, to implement a comprehensive privacy policy program, and allow an independent privacy audit for the next twenty years.  Once again, this shows the FTC's commitment to protecting personal information and avoiding deceptive trade practices by those who collect and use personal information.  All entities would be well-served to obtain a privacy policy, preferably one drafted by an Internet attorney, specific to its service and particular use of personal information of its users.  

March 30, 2011

Online Contract Lawyer | FTC Settles with Advertiser over Privacy Policy

The FTC settles with online advertiser Chitika, Inc. barring it from making misleading statements in its privacy policy concerning the extent of data collected from consumers. 

The FTC alleged that Chitika’s privacy policy stated that it allowed consumers to “opt-out” of having tracking cookies placed in their browsers for targeted ad placement, but that was not the case since the opt-out period only lasted several days.  According to the FTC, Chitikia’s misleading statements in its privacy policy were deceptive and in violation of federal law. 

An online contract lawyer attorney can help ensure (1) that the proper "opt-out" procedures are defined and communicated to the users as part of a Privacy Policy; (2) internal technological procedures are properly implemented to allow opt-out by users; and (3) safeguards exist to protect against clearing a user's opt-out when changes are made to, for example, the browser.  Without these online controls on your website, you are at risk of the FTC coming after you.

March 06, 2005

Attorneys Handling Internet Law Cases For Clients Worldwide

Our internet law attorneys understand the Internet and technology. In fact, we represent some of the largest players in the Internet space concerning legal issues arising in the on-line world. Every website needs website agreements, terms of use (TOU), privacy agreement and copyright policy.  We specialize in website agreement drafting and implementation.  Because we are a niche law firm, we know how to move the ball down the field in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

1999es Founding Attorney Enrico Schaefer:  "Attorneys who specialize Internet law, software and back-end technology.  If you are a technology company, affiliate marketing player, e-commerce company, software developer or web site manager, contact one of our internet law attorneys today or give us at (866) 936-7447.

Traverse Legal attorneys can help your company, in-house counsel or trusted out-side firm navigate the challenging issues presented by an increasingly complex on-line world. From end user agreements, privacy agreements and e-commerce/affiliate contracts, we have you covered.

Our internet attorneys handle a variety of complex litigation and cyber-law issues in the following niche areas, including:

  Website Agreements - Terms of Use Agreements (TOU), Privacy Policy Forms - Copyrighty Policy Forms -Services Contracts  -  Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
On-Line Retailer Representation  -  Internet Defamation, Censorship & Free Speech
E-Commerce Negotiation & Disputes  -  Web Site & Blog Copyright & Fair Use
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